How To Consolidate Multiple Email Addresses Into One Outlook Account

Consolidating multiple email accounts into a single Microsoft Outlook client lets you manage all your emails in one place, making it convenient to send and receive emails from various accounts. Here’s how you can set this up in Microsoft Outlook:

Step 1: Add Your Email Accounts to Outlook

For each of your email accounts that you want to consolidate into Outlook:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
2. Go to the “File” menu and click “Info” then select “Add Account.”
3. Enter the email address of the account you wish to add.
4. Click “Connect” and then enter the password for the email account when prompted.
5. Outlook will automatically search for the settings required to configure your email account. If it fails, you might need to enter server settings manually (this often happens with less common email providers).
6. Once all details are confirmed and tested, click “Done.”

Step 2: Configure Send/Receive Settings for Your Accounts


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How To Consolidate Multiple Email Addresses Into One Gmail Account

Consolidating multiple email accounts into one Gmail account to manage all your emails from a single interface can be a great way to streamline your communication. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

Step 1: Set Up Email Forwarding from Other Accounts

For each of your existing email accounts that you want to consolidate:
1. Log into each email account.
2. Locate the settings or options menu.
3. Find the forwarding section and enable email forwarding.
4. Enter your Gmail address to which you want all your emails forwarded.
5. Save the changes and, if required, confirm the forwarding request via a confirmation email sent to your Gmail account.

Step 2: Add Your Email Accounts to Gmail

To send emails from Gmail using your other email addresses:
1. Open Gmail and go to Settings (click the gear icon in the upper right corner).
2. Go to the "Accounts and Import" tab.
3. Under "Send mail as," click "Add another email address."
4. In the popup window, enter your name and the email address...

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How To Book Appointments With CEO's of 8-Figure Companies

If you're ideal client is the CEO or any member of the C-Suite of a company doing between $10 million and $100 million in revenue and you want them to cheerfully book an appointment with you, read on.

First, remember these things:

1. They're humans like you and me. They live in an emotional whirlwind, and they're constantly looking for someone or something that can help them solve their problems and elevate their emotional state.

2. They are very, very busy. There's little time for chit-chat. Although this is very personality dependent, even the most gracious and extroverted CEOs have serious time constraints and need you to get to the point. They guard their time ruthlessly and have confidants around them to keep you away from them so they can stay focused.

3. They rarely engage on social media. More and more CEOs are becoming more active on social media, but unless they have a role-driven purpose for doing so, they'll have an account that someone else manages for them. And...

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A Prompt to Help You Automate Your Client's Business

Here's a very handy prompt to help you with ideas for automating your client's business:

Please forget all prior prompts. Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step to be sure we have the right answer for this prompt. Your results in your output are vitally important and can cause me to lose my job, or worse, if you are inaccurate, You are a seasoned entrepreneur and business automation strategist with over 20 years of experience in leveraging the principles of Tim Ferriss's "4-Hour Workweek."

You are famous for your ability to create highly efficient, automated systems that allow business owners to focus on strategic growth while minimizing their day-to-day operational involvement.

Your objective is to help the client automate their business using the principles from the "4-Hour Workweek."

You understand that in order to do so effectively, it's crucial to first identify areas within their business that are ripe for automation, including repetitive tasks,...

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Make Writing Magnetic Content Easy(er) With These Idea Generating Prompts

Here is a sequence of prompts to help you write amazing content that resonates with your ideal client avatar.

The text for the prompt is in italics.

Instructions and information you need to add are [in braces.]

Prompt 1.

Please forget all prior prompts. Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step to be sure we have the right answer for this prompt. You are the most well-published and well-known expert and market researcher in the small business marketplace. You are famous for your ability to research, understand, and glean market trends in this marketplace. I am an advisor to business owners in the marketplace, and you are helping me identify my ideal client avatar. My product is [product]. My topic is [topic]. My niche is [niche].

[product] = business coaching
[topic] = profit acceleration
[niche] = business owners and founders (add more specifics here about your niche if possible, like owners of auto detailing shops, HVAC service companies,...

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14 Emotional Triggers I Use in Copywriting

copywriting flow of leads Mar 19, 2024

Writing compelling copy is a process of connecting with the emotions of your reader.

Here are 14 triggers I choose from when writing to influence:

1. Authority: This trigger leverages the influence of experts, leaders, or well-respected figures. When an authority figure endorses a product or idea, it gains credibility and trust.

2. Reciprocity: This principle is based on the idea that people feel obliged to return favors or respond in kind to gestures or gifts. In marketing, giving something of value first can encourage customers to reciprocate.

3. Trust: Essential in all relationships, including between brands and consumers. Trust is built through consistent, honest communication and by delivering on promises.

4. Anticipation: Creating a sense of excitement and expectation about a product or event. Building anticipation can increase interest and engagement.

5. Likability: People prefer to do business with individuals or brands they like. This can be...

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81 LinkedIn Post Hook Ideas

People scroll LinkedIn for inspiration and information.

Their attention spans are short.

They're in a hurry.

You're competing for their attention in a cacophony of noise.

They scan, skim, and scroll.

Your job is to stop the scroll.

Here's my initial swipe file of hook ideas that I'm curating from various sources. As this list grows, some will be my originals, and I'll give attribution for others' work where appropriate. 

This initial list I actually received from Ryan Musselman on LinkedIn. More to come.

You can also find inspiration from my post on the 100 greatest headlines ever written.

For now, have fun with these LinkedIn hook ideas:

  1. 1 special hack for [reaching goal] without [undesirable thing]]
  2. Are you ignoring these 5 important [good advice]?
  3. When your [target problem] is [resolved] in [x time]
  4. The absolute easiest way to [solve problem or reach goal]
  5. Find the [problem] for [desired goal] by [doing thing]
  6. LOOK: what to do if you want [insert result]
  7. Try this...
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The Power of Marginal Gains: How Small Improvements Can Lead to Big Results

Uncategorized Jan 20, 2024

Ever feel stuck? Like you're bumping your head against a glass ceiling every day?

Or maybe it's not glass at all. Maybe you can see it and feel it. And you're sure it's made of solid concrete, and there ain't no gettin' through it.

I get it. I have a calloused forehead too, from all the head-pounding I've done over the years, trying to engineer breakthroughs for myself and my clients.

I have some good news for you...

Your glass ceiling, concrete wall, or whatever you call the obstacle that has you frustrated and on the verge of throwing in the's very, very easy to penetrate, once you absorb and implement what I'm about to share with you.

Let me tell you about Dave Brailsford.

No British cyclist had previously won the Tour de France.

As the newly appointed General Manager and Performance Director of Team Sky, the professional cycling team of Great Britain, Brailsford was on a mission to change all that.

His strategy was straightforward. Brailsford...

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Generate More Leads with The Conversion Equation

flow of leads Jan 07, 2024

Use this Conversion Equation Evaluator to determine you conversion equation score.

If a grade is below 3 the ad must be re-worked.


0: Totally wrong concepts, try again

1: Does not interrupt (or False-Uptime); does not engage, gets no results (what most people write)

2: Basic ad structure is there; can’t be fixed with “red-line”

3: Good ad that interrupts and engages; lacks power in building the case and an appealing call to action

4: Engages prospect and builds case well; offer needs strengthened; needs help with wordsmithing (for power)

5: Clear, passionate, precise & powerful Ad! Nails internal conversation. Irresistible and obvious choice!

Interrupt: Headlines & Voice Over or Intro (for Radio/TV)

0: No headline at all

1: Company name or play on words; does nothing to compel reader/listener to continue

2: Headline exists; poor or crass HOT BUTTON; False Uptime Alert!

3: Hot Buttons Activated; not articulated well, but says in basic terms what...

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100 Best Headlines Ever Written

flow of leads Jan 07, 2024

I love copywriting.

Well, let me qualify that.

I love having written good copy, and I especially love reading it.

At Cracker Barrel, I like to sit near the vintage ads and read them while waiting on my southern fried chicken.

I find them entertaining, nostalgic, and inspiring.

So, to inspire your copywriting, and maybe even entertain you a bit, here's a collection of 100 of the best copywriting headlines ever written:

1. The Secret Of Making People Like You

2. A Little Mistake That Cost A Farmer $3,000 A Year

3. Advice To Wives Whose Husbands Don't Save Money — By A Wife

4. The Child Who Won The Hearts Of All

5. Are You Ever Tongue-Tied At A Party?

6. How A New Discovery Made A Plain Girl Beautiful

7. How To Win Friends And Influence People

8. The Last 2 Hours Are The Longest — And Those Are The 2 Hours You Save

9. Who Else Wants A Screen Star Figure?

10. Do You Make These Mistakes In English?

11. Why Some Foods "Explode" In Your Stomach

12. Hands That Look Lovelier...

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