How to Generate More Leads by Using The MOCAA Methodâ„¢

The Method

"Oh, I'm just looking..."

That's what you say, what I say, and what almost everyone says when walking into a store and the salesperson asks, "Can I help you find something today?"

We say this because we're looking for information.

And we don't want to be "sold".

The ubiquitous question, "What do you do?" is another version of "Oh, I'm just looking".

But how do you turn these folks...the lookers... into good leads, or prospects?

The key, as famous marketing copywriter Robert Collier once said, is to "Enter the conversation already going on in your prospect's mind".

If they want information, give them relevant information.

To make this process easy, flow nicely in conversation without being 'salesy', and generate an abundance of leads, I created what I call The MOCAA Method™, which stands for:

Message, Offer, Call to Action, Ask

The Message

Your Message is a compelling statement that interrupts their thought pattern...

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