How to Segment Your List and Reduce Friction in Your Buyer's Journey

Your list and, more specifically, the relationship you have with the people on your list, is one of your most valuable business assets.

The only things more valuable are your health and your skills.

To build a successful coaching and consulting business as fast as possible, start building your list of potential clients immediately.

As you build your list, begin to segment your prospects by using a CRM system with a tagging feature (if yours doesn't have one, switch asap) and set up these tags: 

Timing tags:

These are tags that segment your list by their level of urgency and readiness to solve their problem. I use and recommend three tags for this:

Now buyers: These are folks with a known problem, and the pain is high, and they're seeking a solution immediately. They'll be purchasing within seven days.

Soon buyers: These are buyers who are researching possible solutions and, while their pain level is relatively high, they've got time to check out their options. They'll...

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Use These 5 "Signature" Tools to Grow Your Business

To generate more leads as a business advisor, consultant, or coach, you need these 5 "Signature" tools available and be ready to use them at a moment's notice:

You never know when opportunity will knock.

When it does, you have to be ready with these "Signature" tools.

A few things they all have in common...

> They must grab attention
> They must make a compelling, free offer
> They must lead the person(s) to an appointment
> They're all well designed, mastered, and never delivered by "winging it."

1. Your Signature 1:1 introduction

* When you're networking and someone asks, "What do you do?"
This one is powerful. Use my MOCAA Method™ to build yours.

2. Your Signature group introduction

* When you're asked to stand in a group setting and introduce yourself.
* It should have people passing you there business card after you sit down.

3. Your Signature five minute talk

* When you're asked to say a few words about your industry, share your perspective, etc.

4. Your Signature...

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31 Ways to Help Your Clients Stand Out

These days, “Me Too” and “Me More” are the slow road to failure. 

Here are 31 ideas and examples you can use to help your clients stand out from the crowd like a supermodel at a family picnic:

  1. The Simplest: Apple - Known for user-friendly devices with intuitive interfaces.
  2. The Hardest: Lockheed Martin - Develops advanced aerospace and defense technologies that few can match.
  3. The Smallest: Raspberry Pi - Offers small, affordable computers that encourage learning and experimentation in programming.
  4. The Biggest: Walmart - The world’s largest retailer by revenue, with a vast array of products.
  5. Most Efficient: Amazon - Renowned for its efficient logistics and quick delivery services.
  6. The Best: Rolex - Represents high-quality and luxury in watchmaking.
  7. The Cheapest: Dollar Tree - Everything for one dollar, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.
  8. The Most Expensive: Ferrari - Luxury cars known for their high cost and exclusivity.
  9. The...
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How To Book Appointments With CEO's of 8-Figure Companies

If you're ideal client is the CEO or any member of the C-Suite of a company doing between $10 million and $100 million in revenue and you want them to cheerfully book an appointment with you, read on.

First, remember these things:

1. They're humans like you and me. They live in an emotional whirlwind, and they're constantly looking for someone or something that can help them solve their problems and elevate their emotional state.

2. They are very, very busy. There's little time for chit-chat. Although this is very personality dependent, even the most gracious and extroverted CEOs have serious time constraints and need you to get to the point. They guard their time ruthlessly and have confidants around them to keep you away from them so they can stay focused.

3. They rarely engage on social media. More and more CEOs are becoming more active on social media, but unless they have a role-driven purpose for doing so, they'll have an account that someone else manages for them. And...

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Get More Networking Leads by Using The MOCAA Method™

The Method

"So, what do you do?"

When someone asks you this in a networking meeting, please remember...

They don't care.

They care about themselves and their problems.

As famous marketing copywriter Robert Collier once said, the key to influence is to "enter the conversation already going on in your prospect's mind."

That means we have to get out of our own head and our own problems and focus on theirs.

And since the subconscious mind is always in control, their subconscious is asking:

1. How can you help me?

2. How long will it take me to experience the result/relief/transformation?

3. What will I have to sacrifice (of my time and money)?

4. What do you want me to do right now to take the next step toward relief?

If you answer these four questions for them, they'll want to give you more time, and perhaps in your next meeting, even gladly give you some of their money.

Here's my talk track to make this happen for you.

I call it the The MOCAA Method™, which stands for:...

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