31 Ways to Help Your Clients Stand Out

These days, “Me Too” and “Me More” are the slow road to failure. 

Here are 31 ideas and examples you can use to help your clients stand out from the crowd like a supermodel at a family picnic:

  1. The Simplest: Apple - Known for user-friendly devices with intuitive interfaces.
  2. The Hardest: Lockheed Martin - Develops advanced aerospace and defense technologies that few can match.
  3. The Smallest: Raspberry Pi - Offers small, affordable computers that encourage learning and experimentation in programming.
  4. The Biggest: Walmart - The world’s largest retailer by revenue, with a vast array of products.
  5. Most Efficient: Amazon - Renowned for its efficient logistics and quick delivery services.
  6. The Best: Rolex - Represents high-quality and luxury in watchmaking.
  7. The Cheapest: Dollar Tree - Everything for one dollar, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.
  8. The Most Expensive: Ferrari - Luxury cars known for their high cost and exclusivity.
  9. The Slowest: Crock-Pot - Markets slow cookers that emphasize convenience and taste over speed.
  10. The Fastest: FedEx - Offers quick delivery and efficient package handling services.
  11. The First: Netflix - The first to stream movies and TV shows on a massive scale, revolutionizing media consumption.
  12. The Last: Kodak - One of the last companies to produce film cameras as digital technology took over.
  13. The Newest: Tesla - Continually innovating with new electric vehicles and renewable energy solutions.
  14. The Oldest: Beretta - The oldest active firearms manufacturer, known for quality and heritage.
  15. The Most Popular: Coca-Cola - One of the most recognized and widely consumed beverages worldwide.
  16. The Least Popular - Linux - Less popular in the desktop operating system market but celebrated for its power and flexibility.
  17. The Most Unique - Lush - Handmade cosmetics with unique branding and a strong stance on ethical issues.
  18. The Only: SpaceX - The only private company capable of returning a spacecraft from low-Earth orbit.
  19. Customer Experience: Disney - Offers an unmatched customer experience in its theme parks and entertainment. 
  20. Sustainability Practices: Patagonia - Outdoors apparel with a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  21. Technological Integration: Bose - Integrates proprietary technology in its audio products for superior sound.
  22. Customization and Personalization: Nike By You - Allows customers to design their own Nike footwear.
  23. Community Engagement: Harley-Davidson - Cultivates a strong community of riders and enthusiasts.
  24. Design and Aesthetics: Bang & Olufsen - Offers audio products with distinctive designs that also provide high-quality sound.
  25. Transparency: Everlane - Focuses on transparent pricing and ethical manufacturing processes.
  26. Content Leadership: HubSpot - Provides valuable content and resources in the inbound marketing sphere.
  27. Ethical Practices: The Body Shop - Known for its ethical sourcing and cruelty-free products.
  28. Accessibility: Microsoft - Leads in making software and devices accessible to people with disabilities.
  29. Health and Safety Innovations: Dyson - Known for its innovative and health-conscious home appliances.
  30. Exclusive Partnerships: Starbucks and Spotify - Collaborated to integrate Starbucks’ loyalty program with Spotify’s music streaming.
  31. Loyalty Programs: Sephora Beauty Insider - Offers a highly engaging and rewarding loyalty program.

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