Save Hours by Using ChatGPT to Create Your PowerPoint Presentations


Creating an outline for a presentation or training program is easy with the SuperPrompt I'll share with you in a moment, but for now, let's look at how to easily use ChatGPT to create your PowerPoint slides in just minutes.

1. Start with a simple prompt, like this:

Please write VB code for a PowerPoint presentation designed to teach a landscaping company how to generate leads to recruit and retain employees.

2. Open the Macro Editor in PowerPoint:

Click View, then Macros.

3. Give your macro a name:

Nothing special, because it will rename it anyway. Just be sure it's all one word, no spaces or special characters.

Click Create.

4. Copy and paste your code into the VB code editor:

The Visual Basic code editor will open.

Delete any code in the editor and paste your new VB code created by ChatGPT.

Close the VB code editor. There is no save feature. It will be automatically saved.

 5. Run your new Macro:

The Run button will now be active and clickable in your Macro window....

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Make Writing Magnetic Content Easy(er) With These Idea Generating Prompts

Here is a sequence of prompts to help you write amazing content that resonates with your ideal client avatar.

The text for the prompt is in italics.

Instructions and information you need to add are [in braces.]

Prompt 1.

Please forget all prior prompts. Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step to be sure we have the right answer for this prompt. You are the most well-published and well-known expert and market researcher in the small business marketplace. You are famous for your ability to research, understand, and glean market trends in this marketplace. I am an advisor to business owners in the marketplace, and you are helping me identify my ideal client avatar. My product is [product]. My topic is [topic]. My niche is [niche].

[product] = business coaching
[topic] = profit acceleration
[niche] = business owners and founders (add more specifics here about your niche if possible, like owners of auto detailing shops, HVAC service companies,...

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How to Get Real Work Done with A.I.


Creating true-to-life graphics using A.I. tools such as midjourney is helpful for marketers and creatives, but there's more to do than create images, right?

On the webinar we hosted recently, "How to Use A.I. to Increase Profits, Work More Efficiently, and Save Time", Dennis Duckworth with A.I. startup showed us how they're making it easier for the "rest of us" to get meaningful work done with A.I. 

And they do it all while protecting your privacy and keeping your data from being used to train someone's large language model (LLM).

There are nearly endless examples of work you can get done faster with

Here's Dennis showing us what's possible with the app. You can get your free account at


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