Use the Operational Definitions Strategy to Get Quick Wins for Your Clients

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2024


An operational definition is a clear, concise, and unambiguous description of a term or measurement process used in a specific context. It defines how a concept or variable will be measured and ensures that everyone involved has a common understanding of the terms being used.

Here's why having clear operational definitions is important:

Clarity and Consistency:

Operational definitions eliminate ambiguity. They ensure that everyone in the organization interprets terms and measures in the same way, which is crucial for consistency and reliability in data collection and analysis.


By providing a detailed description of how a measurement is taken or how a process is performed, operational definitions ensure that results are reproducible. This means that different people can perform the same measurement or process and achieve the same results.


Clear operational definitions enhance communication within the organization. When everyone understands the...

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How to Command Premium Fees with a Tool thatĀ "Monetizes the Gap"


As a business consultant or coach, you want to command premium fees. Here's how:

1. Understand what and why people buy

Money is a measure of your client's perception of the impact you're making in their lives.

Impact is how fast you move them closer to love, joy, peace, and happiness in their emotional whirlwind.

The emotional whirlwind is part of our inner world and something we all live in each day, and every moment of our waking hours is spent striving toward positive emotions and away from negative ones.

Everything we do is for that purpose.

Every dollar or unit of currency we spend is for that purpose:

To elevate our emotions.

To be at the higher altitudes of our emotional whirlwind.

So, to command a higher fee, show your potential client how you can move them toward those higher emotions with speed, ease, excellence, efficiency, and with little or no risk. You must:

2. Be excellent at helping them solve their problems

* Your unique mechanism or method for getting results...

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How to Segment Your List and Reduce Friction in Your Buyer's Journey

Your list and, more specifically, the relationship you have with the people on your list, is one of your most valuable business assets.

The only things more valuable are your health and your skills.

To build a successful coaching and consulting business as fast as possible, start building your list of potential clients immediately.

As you build your list, begin to segment your prospects by using a CRM system with a tagging feature (if yours doesn't have one, switch asap) and set up these tags: 

Timing tags:

These are tags that segment your list by their level of urgency and readiness to solve their problem. I use and recommend three tags for this:

Now buyers: These are folks with a known problem, and the pain is high, and they're seeking a solution immediately. They'll be purchasing within seven days.

Soon buyers: These are buyers who are researching possible solutions and, while their pain level is relatively high, they've got time to check out their options. They'll...

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Use These 5 "Signature" Tools to Grow Your Business

To generate more leads as a business advisor, consultant, or coach, you need these 5 "Signature" tools available and be ready to use them at a moment's notice:

You never know when opportunity will knock.

When it does, you have to be ready with these "Signature" tools.

A few things they all have in common...

> They must grab attention
> They must make a compelling, free offer
> They must lead the person(s) to an appointment
> They're all well designed, mastered, and never delivered by "winging it."

1. Your Signature 1:1 introduction

* When you're networking and someone asks, "What do you do?"
This one is powerful. Use my MOCAA Method™ to build yours.

2. Your Signature group introduction

* When you're asked to stand in a group setting and introduce yourself.
* It should have people passing you there business card after you sit down.

3. Your Signature five minute talk

* When you're asked to say a few words about your industry, share your perspective, etc.

4. Your Signature...

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Save Hours by Using ChatGPT to Create Your PowerPoint Presentations


Creating an outline for a presentation or training program is easy with the SuperPrompt I'll share with you in a moment, but for now, let's look at how to easily use ChatGPT to create your PowerPoint slides in just minutes.

1. Start with a simple prompt, like this:

Please write VB code for a PowerPoint presentation designed to teach a landscaping company how to generate leads to recruit and retain employees.

2. Open the Macro Editor in PowerPoint:

Click View, then Macros.

3. Give your macro a name:

Nothing special, because it will rename it anyway. Just be sure it's all one word, no spaces or special characters.

Click Create.

4. Copy and paste your code into the VB code editor:

The Visual Basic code editor will open.

Delete any code in the editor and paste your new VB code created by ChatGPT.

Close the VB code editor. There is no save feature. It will be automatically saved.

 5. Run your new Macro:

The Run button will now be active and clickable in your Macro window....

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The 8 Forms of Process Waste

Uncategorized May 20, 2024

If you want to improve workflow and reduce friction and blockages, it's important to be able to recognize them. Here are the most common forms of friction, or "waste" in your workflow:

1. Transportation:

Transportation waste occurs when materials, products, or information are moved more than necessary, leading to delays, increased costs, and a higher risk of damage. Minimizing transportation can streamline operations and reduce expenses. This type of waste is often addressed by optimizing layout and process flows to reduce travel distances and times.

2. Inventory:

Excessive inventory involves holding or processing more items than are required for immediate use, tying up capital, and increasing storage and handling costs. It can also hide problems such as production imbalances or issues in product quality. Reducing inventory levels to what is just necessary helps in quick identification of problems and reduces holding costs.

3. Motion:

Motion waste refers to any movement of people or...

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How to Manage Your Flow of Thought to Increase Flow and Perform at Your Best

Uncategorized May 14, 2024

I'm writing this blog post over the next couple of days, starting Tuesday, May 14, 2023.

I'll be adding more each day throughout the week as we wrap this topic up and move on to the next flow.

Let's get started...

To perform at your very best, you must feel your very best, and that means you must get the first of nine flows in the Panta Rhei System™ working for you:

The flow of Thought

In this blog post, let's dive into exactly what the flow of thought is. We'll cover the other flows in future posts. First, let's take care of some important operation definitions.

What is "flow"?

There are two forms of flow.

Intrinsic (personal): This is an optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best.

Extrinsic (business): This is an optimal state of process where value creation is streamlined, waste-free, and capable of producing high-quality consistently and flexibly, independent of the human or team elements involved.

What is "thought"?


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10 Steps To Turn Your Skills Into a 6-Figure+ Income as a Business Advisor

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2024

1. Discover what you're good at.

  • You can't be good at everything. (good news: you don't need to be.)
  • Ask others for candid "tell me if my baby's ugly" feedback.
  • Listen for trends.
  • At this point in life, you probably already know.
  • Learn AI as quickly as you can.

2. Share your knowledge in public.

  • Share your best, but not all of it.
  • Share it consistently through social media, speaking, writing a blog, podcasts, networking, etc.
  • Not all at once. Pick one and win a couple of clients first.
  • Edify your employer and make your emerging brand valuable to them.

3. Attract people who have expensive problems and the money to solve them.

  • Identify your ideal client avatar.
  • Talk to as many as possible with no intent to sell. Just find out what their pains are.
  • Find out what it's worth to them, financially and emotionally, to solve their problems. That's where your new income lives.
  • Build and nurture your list of these people as fast as you can.

4. Create an irresistible offer.

  • Make your...
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Win More Clients With The Leadership Conversation Frameworkā„¢

Winning new clients and building long-term relationships is based on a fundamental principle:

The mutual exchange of value.

Let's start with a few foundational definitions and concepts:

  • All long-term relationships are based on a mutual exchange of value.
  • Value is anything people will buy with their time and money.
  • Your prospects live in their own emotional whirlwind.
  • Ultimately, anything we buy with our time and money is to achieve one thing...
    A higher emotional state. Or, put another way, to simply feel better.
  • Your prospect’s current circumstances in life are a direct result of their beliefs, attitudes, and habits.

To remove any negative feelings, thoughts, or opinions you have about sales, and any "ickey" experiences you might have had in the past, I want you to reframe how you see the conversation with your potential clients.

See yourself as a benevolent servant leader. Like, say, a doctor. You'll ask questions, diagnose problems, and propose solutions.


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31 Ways to Help Your Clients Stand Out

These days, “Me Too” and “Me More” are the slow road to failure. 

Here are 31 ideas and examples you can use to help your clients stand out from the crowd like a supermodel at a family picnic:

  1. The Simplest: Apple - Known for user-friendly devices with intuitive interfaces.
  2. The Hardest: Lockheed Martin - Develops advanced aerospace and defense technologies that few can match.
  3. The Smallest: Raspberry Pi - Offers small, affordable computers that encourage learning and experimentation in programming.
  4. The Biggest: Walmart - The world’s largest retailer by revenue, with a vast array of products.
  5. Most Efficient: Amazon - Renowned for its efficient logistics and quick delivery services.
  6. The Best: Rolex - Represents high-quality and luxury in watchmaking.
  7. The Cheapest: Dollar Tree - Everything for one dollar, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.
  8. The Most Expensive: Ferrari - Luxury cars known for their high cost and exclusivity.
  9. The...
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