Make Writing Magnetic Content Easy(er) With These Idea Generating Prompts

Here is a sequence of prompts to help you write amazing content that resonates with your ideal client avatar.

The text for the prompt is in italics.

Instructions and information you need to add are [in braces.]

Prompt 1.

Please forget all prior prompts. Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step to be sure we have the right answer for this prompt. You are the most well-published and well-known expert and market researcher in the small business marketplace. You are famous for your ability to research, understand, and glean market trends in this marketplace. I am an advisor to business owners in the marketplace, and you are helping me identify my ideal client avatar. My product is [product]. My topic is [topic]. My niche is [niche].

[product] = business coaching
[topic] = profit acceleration
[niche] = business owners and founders (add more specifics here about your niche if possible, like owners of auto detailing shops, HVAC service companies,...

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14 Emotional Triggers I Use in Copywriting

copywriting flow of leads Mar 19, 2024

Writing compelling copy is a process of connecting with the emotions of your reader.

Here are 14 triggers I choose from when writing to influence:

1. Authority: This trigger leverages the influence of experts, leaders, or well-respected figures. When an authority figure endorses a product or idea, it gains credibility and trust.

2. Reciprocity: This principle is based on the idea that people feel obliged to return favors or respond in kind to gestures or gifts. In marketing, giving something of value first can encourage customers to reciprocate.

3. Trust: Essential in all relationships, including between brands and consumers. Trust is built through consistent, honest communication and by delivering on promises.

4. Anticipation: Creating a sense of excitement and expectation about a product or event. Building anticipation can increase interest and engagement.

5. Likability: People prefer to do business with individuals or brands they like. This can be...

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81 LinkedIn Post Hook Ideas

People scroll LinkedIn for inspiration and information.

Their attention spans are short.

They're in a hurry.

You're competing for their attention in a cacophony of noise.

They scan, skim, and scroll.

Your job is to stop the scroll.

Here's my initial swipe file of hook ideas that I'm curating from various sources. As this list grows, some will be my originals, and I'll give attribution for others' work where appropriate. 

This initial list I actually received from Ryan Musselman on LinkedIn. More to come.

You can also find inspiration from my post on the 100 greatest headlines ever written.

For now, have fun with these LinkedIn hook ideas:

  1. 1 special hack for [reaching goal] without [undesirable thing]]
  2. Are you ignoring these 5 important [good advice]?
  3. When your [target problem] is [resolved] in [x time]
  4. The absolute easiest way to [solve problem or reach goal]
  5. Find the [problem] for [desired goal] by [doing thing]
  6. LOOK: what to do if you want [insert result]
  7. Try this...
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