81 LinkedIn Post Hook Ideas

People scroll LinkedIn for inspiration and information.

Their attention spans are short.

They're in a hurry.

You're competing for their attention in a cacophony of noise.

They scan, skim, and scroll.

Your job is to stop the scroll.

Here's my initial swipe file of hook ideas that I'm curating from various sources. As this list grows, some will be my originals, and I'll give attribution for others' work where appropriate. 

This initial list I actually received from Ryan Musselman on LinkedIn. More to come.

You can also find inspiration from my post on the 100 greatest headlines ever written.

For now, have fun with these LinkedIn hook ideas:

  1. 1 special hack for [reaching goal] without [undesirable thing]]
  2. Are you ignoring these 5 important [good advice]?
  3. When your [target problem] is [resolved] in [x time]
  4. The absolute easiest way to [solve problem or reach goal]
  5. Find the [problem] for [desired goal] by [doing thing]
  6. LOOK: what to do if you want [insert result]
  7. Try this if you're frustrated with [not getting outcome]
  8. You won't believe what I'm doing to [get result]
  9. Is it true that you MUST [insert common advice]?
  10. Solid proof that [strategy or thing] is the winner
  11. Here's 1 [product, service, or solution] you will LOVE
  12. Have you tried this crazy [strategy] to [achieve goal]?
  13. My first [action or subject] is an awful story
  14. The X rock solid rules of [subject or action]
  15. 1 uncommon trick for [getting goal] with [thing]
  16. The unwanted truth about [action, topic, or thing]
  17. The fresh [action] that proves to [desired result]
  18. How to [achieve or progress] in [short time]
  19. The worst advice I've heard about [common thing]
  20. Stop listening to this 2023 [advice about thing]
  21. Do this little [thing] to get [desired outcome]
  22. 99% of [profession] don't [know or do thing]
  23. [Profession] legends do [thing] to grow their business
  24. The absolute best [tactic or tool] for [audience]
  25. Knowing this [secret], I'll never be the same
  26. 3 important [things] if you're building a business
  27. The worst [things] if you're building a business
  28. 5 ways to [achieve goals] made super simple
  29. Why [good thing] works 99% of the time
  30. Why you should never [attempt to do thing]
  31. 10 ways to be free from [big problem]
  32. Cool [trick or strategy] to get [desired result]
  33. The newest [method or thing] for [achieving result]
  34. Run from this in your [thing] every time
  35. 7 reasons to skip this [thing or advice]
  36. Why you must [do thing] at least [time]
  37. How to [get thing] without [unwanted thing]
  38. My life changed the moment [thing happened]
  39. 5 [subject] secrets worthy of your time
  40. The little secret to [achieving or receiving]
  41. This [common advice] is just a fable
  42. The special trick of [action or thing]
  43. How to survive as a [insert profession]
  44. Why [subject] won't do what you think
  45. Why [certain advice] is bad for you
  46. DON'T [do thing] to [get desired result]
  47. 3 low cost ways to [achieve outcome]
  48. Why [talking about thing] wastes precious time
  49. 5 amazing [actions] to copy from experts
  50. 7 special daily tasks to [achieve result]
  51. Can you really [reach goal] with [thing]?
  52. 5 super simple steps that [achieve thing]
  53. 5 [bad things] that put you behind
  54. [Number of free resources] that people underestimate
  55. ATTENTION [target audience] who [insert problems]
  56. Hot take: [x thing] is dead.
  57. [Do thing] without losing your money
  58. Unlock the secret to [achieve goal]
  59. How [target customer achieved desired result]
  60. Dear [audience] who [can't get result]
  61. The most misleading information [in subject]
  62. [Number] ways to destroy [subject]
  63. The best [action, thing, or product]
  64. [bad actions] that stop [desired result]
  65. Will [one thing] replace [another thing]?
  66. How to INSTANTLY fix [common problem]
  67. Why [specific action] doesn't do anything
  68. 5 uncommon thoughts for [insert profession]
  69. My eyes opened when [thing happened]
  70. The sad truth about [subject]
  71. Want [goal]? Read this immediately:
  72. Easy fixes to [undesirable problems]
  73. Still making this terrible [mistake]?
  74. When to avoid [popular advice]
  75. The oddest [thing] of 2023
  76. Why I'll never [do thing]
  77. WARNING: Get away from [subject] immediately
  78. Hot take: [thing] is dead.
  79. Wise words from [proven professional]
  80. The final strike to [thing]
  81. When [action] is pointless

Source: Ryan Musselman at https://www.paradesystem.net/


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