How to Command Premium Fees with a Tool thatĀ "Monetizes the Gap"


As a business consultant or coach, you want to command premium fees. Here's how:

1. Understand what and why people buy

Money is a measure of your client's perception of the impact you're making in their lives.

Impact is how fast you move them closer to love, joy, peace, and happiness in their emotional whirlwind.

The emotional whirlwind is part of our inner world and something we all live in each day, and every moment of our waking hours is spent striving toward positive emotions and away from negative ones.

Everything we do is for that purpose.

Every dollar or unit of currency we spend is for that purpose:

To elevate our emotions.

To be at the higher altitudes of our emotional whirlwind.

So, to command a higher fee, show your potential client how you can move them toward those higher emotions with speed, ease, excellence, efficiency, and with little or no risk. You must:

2. Be excellent at helping them solve their problems

* Your unique mechanism or method for getting results...

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Win More Clients With The Leadership Conversation Frameworkā„¢

Winning new clients and building long-term relationships is based on a fundamental principle:

The mutual exchange of value.

Let's start with a few foundational definitions and concepts:

  • All long-term relationships are based on a mutual exchange of value.
  • Value is anything people will buy with their time and money.
  • Your prospects live in their own emotional whirlwind.
  • Ultimately, anything we buy with our time and money is to achieve one thing...
    A higher emotional state. Or, put another way, to simply feel better.
  • Your prospect’s current circumstances in life are a direct result of their beliefs, attitudes, and habits.

To remove any negative feelings, thoughts, or opinions you have about sales, and any "ickey" experiences you might have had in the past, I want you to reframe how you see the conversation with your potential clients.

See yourself as a benevolent servant leader. Like, say, a doctor. You'll ask questions, diagnose problems, and propose solutions.


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