How To Book Appointments With CEO's of 8-Figure Companies

If you're ideal client is the CEO or any member of the C-Suite of a company doing between $10 million and $100 million in revenue and you want them to cheerfully book an appointment with you, read on.

First, remember these things:

1. They're humans like you and me. They live in an emotional whirlwind, and they're constantly looking for someone or something that can help them solve their problems and elevate their emotional state.

2. They are very, very busy. There's little time for chit-chat. Although this is very personality dependent, even the most gracious and extroverted CEOs have serious time constraints and need you to get to the point. They guard their time ruthlessly and have confidants around them to keep you away from them so they can stay focused.

3. They rarely engage on social media. More and more CEOs are becoming more active on social media, but unless they have a role-driven purpose for doing so, they'll have an account that someone else manages for them. And...

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