Make Writing Magnetic Content Easy(er) With These Idea Generating Prompts

Here is a sequence of prompts to help you write amazing content that resonates with your ideal client avatar.

The text for the prompt is in italics.

Instructions and information you need to add are [in braces.]

Prompt 1.

Please forget all prior prompts. Take a deep breath and work on this problem step-by-step to be sure we have the right answer for this prompt. You are the most well-published and well-known expert and market researcher in the small business marketplace. You are famous for your ability to research, understand, and glean market trends in this marketplace. I am an advisor to business owners in the marketplace, and you are helping me identify my ideal client avatar. My product is [product]. My topic is [topic]. My niche is [niche].

[product] = business coaching
[topic] = profit acceleration
[niche] = business owners and founders (add more specifics here about your niche if possible, like owners of auto detailing shops, HVAC service companies, etc.)

Based on my product, topic, and niche, what are some possible avatars in this market?

[Now, choose one of the avatars and use the next prompt to come up with topic ideas  to write about.]

Prompt 2.

Thanks, ChatGPT. That's very helpful and appreciated. Now, what are my avatar’s problems and challenges? What makes them angry or feel disrespected? In other words, what keeps them up at night? Be as specific, tangible, and concrete as possible.

[You'll get some great topic ideas here. Choose your top five and copy them to a place where you can get them in a second. Now, use prompt 3 below to brainstorm sub-topics that you can write about for each of these topics. If you don't see a topic listed, just tell ChatGPT you want to include it.]

Prompt 3.

That's great work, ChatGPT. Now, continuing with this avatar, I want your help creating subtopic ideas for some of the problems and challenges, things that make them angry or feel disrespected, or issues that keep them up at night. Let's call these "topics."

These are topics you've identified and that I am interested in writing about. Then, we will generate quantifiable, proven-approach-based questions to help me explore those subtopics.

Subtopics are outcome-focused that will help readers build a skill, implement a strategy, or solve a problem within that niche.

You MUST begin each subtopic with a verb to create a clear action-oriented focus.

You MUST avoid using specific tactics or techniques within the subtopic, as those will become "proven approaches."

Here is an example:

Topics: Running your first marathon


- Developing a training plan for first-time marathon runners
- Building endurance and stamina through effective training strategies
- Overcoming mental barriers and staying motivated throughout the training process
- Creating a fueling and hydration strategy for race day
- Finding the right running shoes and gear for maximum comfort and performance
- Preventing and managing injuries during marathon training
- Creating a support network and finding a running community to stay accountable and motivated
- Balancing marathon training with family and work obligations
- Setting realistic goals and measuring progress throughout the training process
- Preparing mentally and emotionally for the physical and mental challenges of running a marathon.

Here is what I want to avoid:

- Tips for developing a training plan for first-time marathon runners
- Habits for building endurance and stamina through effective training strategies
- Books for overcoming mental barriers and staying motivated throughout the training process
- Strategies for fueling and hydration on race day
- Benefits of finding the right funning shoes

The difference between my ideal list and the list of what I want to avoid:

- Things in my "here is what I want to avoid list" are "proven approaches" that are ways to help the reader with the subtopic. This includes things like books, tips, steps, mistakes, lessons, quotes, etc.
- I want to avoid ever providing "proven approaches" as my subtopics.

Once you have generated a list of subtopics, you are going to help generate quantifiable, proven-approached based questions to help me create content about each of these subtopics.

Here is a list of proven approach-based questions:

- Tips: What are 3 tips for mastering this skill effectively?
- Skills: What are the top 5 essential skills needed to succeed in this area?
- Tools: What are the 4 best tools available for this task?
- Traits: What are the top 3 personality traits common among successful practitioners in this field?
- Steps: What are the 5 key steps involved in mastering this technique?
- Goals: What are 3 realistic goals to set in order to achieve success in this area?
- Books: What are the top 4 must-read books on this subject?
- Habits: What are 5 daily habits that can be adopted to improve performance in this area?
- Stories: What are the top 3 inspiring success stories related to this topic?
- Quotes: What are the top 4 motivational quotes that relate to this topic?
- Secrets: What are the top 3 insider secrets that can help someone excel in this field?
- Insights: What are the top 5 key insights that can help someone understand this topic better?
- Benefits: What are the top 3 benefits of mastering this skill?
- Lessons: What are the top 5 important lessons that can be learned from past failures in this area?
- Reasons: What are the top 3 reasons why this skill or knowledge is important to have?
- Creators: Who are the top 4 creators or experts in this field that someone should follow?
- Routines: What are the top 3 daily routines or practices that successful practitioners in this field follow?
- Mistakes: What are the top 5 common mistakes to avoid in this area?
- Podcasts: What are the top 3 podcasts related to this topic?
- Examples: What are the top 4 examples of successful applications of this knowledge or skill?
- Questions: What are the top 5 key questions that someone should be asking in order to learn more about this area?
- Inventions: What are the top 3 latest inventions or tools that are changing the game in this field?
- Templates: What are the top 3 templates or frameworks that can help someone get started in this area?
- Resources: What are the top 4 best resources available for learning about this topic?
- Challenges: What are the top 5 common challenges or obstacles that people face when trying to master this skill?
- Companies: What are the top 3 companies or organizations that specialize in this field?
- Data Points: What are the top 5 key data points or statistics related to this topic?
- Realizations: What are the top 3 key realizations or insights that people have after mastering this skill?
- Frameworks: What are the top 3 established frameworks or methodologies for approaching this topic?
- Presentations: What are the top 4 presentations or talks related to this topic that someone should watch?

The difference is my quantifiable, proven-approach-based questions ask for a specific number.

So rather than asking something open ended like "how can you use time management strategies to write consistently" you would ask "what are 3 ways to build an effective time management strategy" or something along those lines.

This is a very important rule. Do not ask questions that don't ask for a specific number of items in the 3-5 range.

So here is what we are going to do.

First, you are going to help me generate 10 subtopics. You will ask me for the topic I want to write about. When I answer, you will reply with 10 subtopics and only that list of 10 subtopics.

You will then ask me if I am good with those 10 subtopics. Do not generate the proven approaches until I respond with confirmation.

Upon confirmation, you will generate 3 quantifiable, proven-approached based questions as nested bullets for each of my subtopics.

Do you understand?

Prompt 4.

[Now, give ChatGTP a topic, generated in prompt 2 or that you told ChatGPT you'd like to write about, or add your own if it's not listed, such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Closing more sales
  • Recruiting quality team members

You'll get a list of 10 sub-topics. If you're okay with them, just tell ChatGPT,

Prompt 5.

I'm good with those.

Now, watch the magic happen.

You'll have plenty of ideas for creating content that resonates with your ICA.

Sources: Credit goes to Dickie Bush, Nicolas Cole, and Brian Roemmele who inspired much of the logic in these prompts.

PS: When you're ready, here are two ways I can help you:

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