Use These 5 "Signature" Tools to Grow Your Business

To generate more leads as a business advisor, consultant, or coach, you need these 5 "Signature" tools available and be ready to use them at a moment's notice:

You never know when opportunity will knock.

When it does, you have to be ready with these "Signature" tools.

A few things they all have in common...

> They must grab attention
> They must make a compelling, free offer
> They must lead the person(s) to an appointment
> They're all well designed, mastered, and never delivered by "winging it."

1. Your Signature 1:1 introduction

* When you're networking and someone asks, "What do you do?"
This one is powerful. Use my MOCAA Method™ to build yours.

2. Your Signature group introduction

* When you're asked to stand in a group setting and introduce yourself.
* It should have people passing you there business card after you sit down.

3. Your Signature five minute talk

* When you're asked to say a few words about your industry, share your perspective, etc.

4. Your Signature 1-hour keynote

* When you're asked to speak to a group to entertain, educate, and inspire them.

5. Your Signature 2-hour workshop

* When you're asked to teach a group in a hands-on way how to get a result that's in your genius zone.

PS: If opportunity ain't knockin', then build your own door. Get out there and network your face off. Create a simple speaker kit and search online for gatherings where speakers might be needed. Offer yourself as a backup if their number one speaker's flight is cancelled.

Partner with a bank, a business broker, a commercial lender, a commercial real estate broker, and a caterer to host your own event.

Let them be a "sponsor," and you can keep your cost at or near zero.

You only need 10-20 people to attend to close $10K/mo in income from one event if you do it right.

You get the idea.

PS: When you're ready, here are two ways I can help you:

1. We're looking for skilled professionals and coaches we can train to help small business owners succeed. We pay the training costs. If you're currently a business advisor or coach, or you'd like to put your hard-earned skills to work as a business advisor and fire the boss for good, here's a video that explains what we're looking for.

2. I publish a weekly email newsletter each Tuesday for business advisors called "The AI-Powered Business Advisor." You'll get the latest AI tools and prompts, as well as easy-to-implement strategies for growing your business advisor practice. You can learn more here.


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