How to Generate More Leads by Using The MOCAA Method™

The Method

"Oh, I'm just looking..."

That's what you say, what I say, and what almost everyone says when walking into a store and the salesperson asks, "Can I help you find something today?"

We say this because we're looking for information.

And we don't want to be "sold".

The ubiquitous question, "What do you do?" is another version of "Oh, I'm just looking".

But how do you turn these folks...the lookers... into good leads, or prospects?

The key, as famous marketing copywriter Robert Collier once said, is to "Enter the conversation already going on in your prospect's mind".

If they want information, give them relevant information.

To make this process easy, flow nicely in conversation without being 'salesy', and generate an abundance of leads, I created what I call The MOCAA Method™, which stands for:

Message, Offer, Call to Action, Ask

The Message

Your Message is a compelling statement that interrupts their thought pattern and refocuses their attention on you. When a person who has a problem you might be able to solve hears the message, they engage with you by asking a very, very important question. First, let's start with the message.

Here's the basic format for a compelling message:

I help [ideal customer] to [tangible value they want] even if / without / all while [thing they tried before, thing they like to avoid, thing they want to maintain or not lose].

Your message should be so compelling that it generates what I call the first "engagement event", which is usually a question, like "How do you do that?"

For example...

You...Message: "I help small business owners generate more profit, work more efficiently, and enjoy more free time, without worrying about cash flow or annoying calls from staff."

Prospect... "How do you do that?" (engagement #1)

Now, continue your message by introducing your "unique mechanism" for how you produce those results. This will generate what I call the second engagement event:

You... Message (continued): "Thanks for asking. Well, I help my clients implement a very powerful 5-part profit framework, and the strategies that generate $100 thousand to $500 thousand dollars in new profit in the first year, and some of my clients actually double their profits in the first 13 weeks that we work together."

Prospect... "Wow...tell me more. How does that work exactly?" (engagement #2)

The Offer

You might have a message that paralyzes your prospects in rapt attention, but nothing will happen— no nothing...if their is no offer.

Your offer is your lead magnet—something of value that provides helpful information and possible tangible progress toward their goal.

Your initial offer is usually information or demonstration (flow #6).

You can deliver this live and in-person, like a face-to-face meeting, online meeting, or webinar.

You can also deliver pre-recorded or pre-printed information, like videos, books, brochures, mini-courses, and more.

Let's continue our conversation and see how this works...

You... Offer: "How about if I do this for you... I wrote a book that details 12 specific strategies I use to help my clients produce those results. I'll send you a copy. It's my gift to you. Would you rather have a digital copy emailed to your or a hard copy by mail?"

Prospect... "Yes, that would be great. I really appreciate that."

The lead magnet in this example is a book with 12 strategies for producing the results you mentioned. See how this works?

The Call to Action

A powerful message and offer can do amazing things for your business, but it'll leave you with a firm grip on an empty sack if you don't also have a clear Call to Action, often abbreviated as CTA.

A good CTA is simple and easy to understand, like these very direct CTAs:

  • Click here
  • Call now
  • Mail this card
  • Enter your name and email below
  • Sign here

Examples of more subtle, indirect CTAs are:

  • What's the best address I should send that do?
  • Please endorse the paperwork now right here.
  • I'll just need your email and mailing address.

CTA's are questions or statements that request action. Add them to the end of a great message and offer, then watch the magic happen.

You... Call to Action: "It's no problem at all. What's the best address that I should send it to?"

Prospect... "Here's my card, send it to the address there."

The Ask

Let's wrap things up with the final letter "A", which stands for Ask.

You see, you've taken on the Benevolent Servant Leader frame, and with grace and gravitas you've given your prospect considerable value. It's time to utilize one of the most fundamental laws of human nature; the desire to give back.

By now you've deposited sufficient funds in your burgeoning trust account to ask for a small favor, like this:

You... Ask (for a small favor)"Perfect. I'll get that to you in the next 24 hours. I'm just curious [Prospect Name], would you be open to doing me a small favor?"

Prospect... "Sure, how can I help?"

You... Ask (for their input) : "Well, I'm writing my next book (or 'I write a weekly email'), and it would really help me, as you read through the book, which strategy really stood out to you as the fastest path to new profits for you and your company. Would you be willing to share that?"

Prospect... "Of course."

You...Ask (for the appointment) "Great, I really appreciate it. And next week we can meet up at the new coffee place on 5th and Maple street, or on zoom, whichever is easier. Does that sound like a good next step?"

Prospect... "Sounds great."

You..."Great. And when we meet, I'll share some additional resources and strategies to help you accelerate your profits and and get results as soon as possible." 

Prospect... "That would be very helpful."

You ..."No problem at all. I have Tuesday at noon and Friday at 8 a.m. available. Which works better for you?

Confirm your appointment, and ask what I call the "Columbo question"...say, "I'm looking forward to it, Bob. Hey, just one more I'm meeting other people here tonight, what might they say that would make it obvious to me that I should introduce them to you?"

Now, go out there and have fun meeting new people. And remember, when you're nervous, be of service.


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